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Free Roulette Game – European Roulette

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Folks it is Roulette time. Are you ready and up to it? If yes, then come and join us to play another of the world’s most captivating games – the roulette game. I guess it will not pinch you, especially if it is FREE. It is the offshoot of the famous game of all the time – wheel of fortune, albeit in a sophisticated way and manner. In this game, players have to choose even or odd numbers or red or black colors as a trouncing. This game is quite challenging as you get to make a choice, hence the players feel more a ‘part’ of the action. That is perhaps the reason that folks try their hand more often at this game.

It’s one of the slow paced games. The game is played when croupier spins the wheel in one direction and a ball to an opposite direction. When the wheel stops, the ball will fall in any of the numbers. If you get your act right then you gain ground and if not, needless to mention you will not receive any amount.

You can also play the lavish version of the roulette game. It is one of the easiest table games. So, get ready to pick your winnings. Even beginners can also pick this game very well. Every game has its own rules and term. If you are new to roulette then you require recognizing certain things:

  • Roulette is French word which means “little wheel”.

  • On this wheel are 36 numbers and a 0.

  • The croupier pushes a small white ball spinning in the opposite direction to the direction of the roulette that will eventually land on one of the numbers.

  • Bets are placed on the table, correlating with the slots or the spaces that the ball can possibly land in.

  • For placing a bet – there are few other options on the table apart from the numbers like, 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, even or odd, Black or Red.

  • The amount received is according to the odd which is calculated according to the bet placed as explained above.

Calculation of odds;

  • “Straight up” betting on JUST one number pays the highest odds – 35 to 1

  • Split betting on any two numbers pays the second highest odds – 17 to 1

  • “Street” betting on any three numbers pays 11 to 1

  • Corner betting on any four numbers pays 8 to 1

  • Six line betting on any 6 numbers pays 5 to 1

  • Color betting (either red square or black square) pays 1 to 1

  • Even number or odd number betting pays 1 to 1

  • Column or betting on 12 numbers pays 2 to 1

  • Dozen betting (1st 12, 13 to 24 etc.) pays 2 to 1

  • High (19 to 36) or low (1 to 18) bets pay 1 to 1

So how can you escape the odds like this? Try your luck with the odds so heavily favoured towards you and your win.

May the odds always be in your favour while you play free roulette game with us.

Is it safe to play online?

Yes! It is very safe to play online and enjoy all the fun and excitement of casino games and slots. Casinos take your safety extremely seriously so all your personal and financial information is kept secure and is never shared. You can be sure that your account will be super safe.

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